Welcome Hunters!

We hope you enjoy this Tiny Doors scavenger hunt as you take this 30-minute walk through downtown Sarasota. Remember to snap a photo at each door (maybe a fun selfie!). You'll have 18 pictures (counting Rise Up cafe's) when finished to earn a prize at Rise Up Cafe!

How It Works

Start this magical scavenger hunt at Rise Up Cafe, the amazing shop at 1534 State St. in downtown Sarasota.

There’s a colorful tiny door inside the shop.
This is your only “free” one, please don’t stop.
Follow the clues below to begin your mission.
Come back soon for the next Tiny Door addition!



Clue #1


Exit left to find a fountain with a tree.

Look very low on a gray pole is the key.

Clue #2


Have you ever played the game of Hyde and go seek?

Look for another door with a very low peek.

Clue #3


The next door isn't hiding and very, very close.

Keep searching low because you'll find it right by your toes.

Clue #4


Let's dance with live music and have something to eat.

Look in the corner, the door is by the street!

Clue #5


The next location will bring lots of joy.

Who doesn't love a place for a brand new toy?

Clue #6


Don't be second when you can be First.

Watch for a place to help quench your thirst.

Clue #7


Now let's see eye to eye and what helps your vision?

Look low and be careful so there is no collision.

Clue #8


A zebra has stripes and is usually black and white.

But this one is different and quite a green sight.

Clue #9


Did you know the word Amici, which means my friend?

Look once again but we're not at the end!

Clue #10


OK Senorita or perhaps Senor,

Search carefully for the next tiny door.

Clue #11


The next door is Classic and very hard to find.

Snoop behind a big blue chair and by a squiggly vine.

Clue #12


Palms are not trees but can be a street.

Take a sharp right and look for a place to eat.

Clue #13


Dogs are man's best friend and a buddy.

They can serve brews and are happy-go-lucky.

Clue #14


At the end of the street turn left towards Gulf Stream.

Turn left again and look for high steps, doing great team!

Clue #15


Keep walking to Main and be careful crossing the street.

Look on that corner and when spotted shout, “Sweet!”

Clue #16


Next turn right and your back on to Palm,

People like riding bikes and it keeps the calm.

Clue #17


Walk into The Mark and then look North,

Star bright, Star light, what a walk to come forth!

You Finished!


You finished your hunt, congrats, YOU are no rookie.

Go back to Rise Up Cafe to pick your free cookie!

Here's a Peek at a Few Doors