1. Contest will begin promptly at 11:30 am. All contestants must be present and checked in no later than 11:15 am at Rise Up Cafe, 1534 State St. in downtown Sarasota, FL.
  2. 1 Round = 3 Minutes
  3. Adult Competitors (13 years and older). Youth Competitors (12 years and younger).
  4. Each contestant will be given weighed double scoop cups (6 oz.) as needed
  5. Choose from two ice cream flavor options (vanilla or vanilla!)
  6. Ice cream may not be touched or manipulated by contestants prior to start
  7. Nothing may be added to the ice cream
  8. Ice cream must be eaten with the supplied spoon (no hands)
  9. No water or other beverage may be consumed during the competition round
  10. Contestants must finish two scoops (one dish) of ice cream prior to starting another
  11. Contestants must stack empty ice cream containers in their race space
  12. Any ice cream that enters the mouth must stay in the mouth
  13. Any reversal during the 3-minute round will result in immediate disqualification
  14. After each 3-minute round ends, a 30-second “Chipmunking Rule” will be enforced — any ice cream that remains in the mouth must be cleared (eaten) in 30 seconds
  15. Contestants must show an empty mouth at the 30-second mark (or prior)
  16. If ice cream remains in the mouth, contestant will be automatically disqualified
  17. After the 3-minute round ends, a 1-minute “No Reversal Rule” will be enforced (concurrent with the Chipmunking Rule). Any ice cream that has been eaten must remain “down" for 1 minute after the round has ended.
  18. Winners will be decided by the weight of ice cream consumed in 3 minutes
  19. All judges’ decisions are final

If you have any questions about our Great Ice Cream Eating Championship, please email or contact:

[email protected]


Rise Up Cafe
1534 State St.
Sarasota, FL 34236